Getting out of your mine.

Today we are going to share a few simple tricks that will help you navigate your way through the many mines and caverns in Minecraft. Whether you have stumbled upon an abandoned shaft or lost in your own mine these tips will help you get out alive with your precious ore.

1. Always bring a bucket of water. It may seem like a waste of space but, if you fall into a lava flow you will be grateful that you have something to put yourself out. The worst thing for any miner is to have a bag full of diamond to die in a fire. A bucket of water can also act as a way of creating a bridge across lava lakes or as an easy way to create obsidian for nether portals.

2. Use torches to create a trail home. Place your totems with consistency, either all on the left hand side or all on the right. By placing them all on one side you will be able to decipher  if you are going deeper into your mine or if you are heading out.

3. Create a series of trademarks. When exploring caves it is easy to get lost in its twist and turns. A good cave explorer has a series of marking to help identify whether a passage has been explored or not.

I use a cross hashing like this to keep mobs out of the main tunnel.

There are many other ways to keep yourself moving through your mine smoothly. When we find some more time we will throw out some more suggestion.