Creating fountains in Minecraft

One of the best parts of Minecraft is creating a home. Homes in Minecraft serve many purposes. A house gives players a safe place to go when the creepers come out to play. It can also be a great base of operation to prepare for the next adventure. Houses are more importantly a place to make you own. Whether your house is a shack or a manner there are many things you can do to dress up your little piece of paradise.

Fountains in Minecraft are a simple way of sprucing up the exterior or interior of your home. They require little to complete and are vertical enough to cover a compact or large area.

Big House Fountain

The first task in making a new fountain is to create a basin in which the water will fall into. As a general rule you want to make each side of the basin an odd number of blocks. This allows for the water-spout to be easily centered in the fountains basin. The basin we are making for this tutorial is 5×5.

5x5 Grid

The basin can be lined with any material to match the look and feel desired. The use of slabs is commonly the most preferable choice because they can be used to vary the height of the basin and overall fountain in half block increments.

Step one of basin

Basin Step 2

Basin Step 3

Once the basin is prepared the next step is to add the water spout. Place a pillar of dirt in the basin, this pillar will act as a temporary place for the water to sit on.

Dirt Pillar

Using the bucket, place the water on top of the pillar of dirt. Doing so will allow the water to cascade down into the basin of the fountain.

Water flow with pillar

After the water has been placed the dirt pillar can be removed from under it. The final look of the water flow is dependent on several factors. The height of the dirt pillar, the width of the basin, and depth of the basin can all change how the fountain looks. These same principles can also be applied to other types of fountains such as the wall fountain pictured below.

Larger BasinWall Fountain