New mob, new tricks, and promises of Patch 1.2

Mojang has divulged new information about the content to be released in the upcoming Minecraft  patch. Through his twitter feed lead designer Jens Bergensten has revealed that in 1.2 stair will be able to be placed upside-down. This new function will provide the means to make more ornate building and some new furniture.

Upside Down Stairs

Along with the stairs new trick there will be a new mob introduced in the next patch as well.  This mob will act as city defense for the villagers, and judging by the picture released by Mojang he looks none to friendly to anyone who wants to hurt the towns folk.

Village Defense

Jens, eluded that the patch 1.2 might be live as early as next week. Along with all the other snap shots that Mojang has released this patch looks to be a good one.