Q&A with Notch

This morning Notch had an interview with a rep. from the The British Academy of Film and Television Arts to have a Q&A session and members of the community in preparation for the big day tomorrow when Notch will be receiving a special award. The interview was done over twitter #notchQA, below is a transposed copy that’s a bit easier to read.

BAFTA – So first things first, how are you feeling about accepting your BAFTA Game special award tomorrow?

Notch – I’m feeling pretty good about it. Picking up the tux later today (black tie event!), and nervous about the speech.

BAFTA – Where did the name “Notch” come from?

Notch – I used to have a (secret) horrible nickname and needed a better one. Wrote a list of several, chose Notch.

BAFTA – What inspired the creation of minecraft? How did u get the idea for such an amazing game?

Notch – Single player Dwarf Fortress plus Infiniminer art style. Supposed to be short project, hah.

BAFTA – Did you expect this much success from minecraft?

Notch – No, I did not. I’m constantly amazed and humbled by how popular the game got! Thanks for playing! 😀

BAFTA – If it wasn’t for the Youtube community do you think Minecraft would be as well known / as popular?

Notch – Probably not, Youtube is a massive reason it got big. I should’ve paid attention to it earlier on!

BAFTA – Do you have a personal motto towards life or work?

Notch – Last year I decided to live my life in whatever way makes for the best story. Things are more fun that way.

BAFTA – Through playing Minecraft, what specific skills do you think can be transferred to the real world?

Notch – The redstone stuff can teach you some useful low level programming things. Other than that.. not much.

BAFTA – What was the hardest feature to code into Minecraft?

Notch – “Infinite” terrain generating the same way on the fly from any direction. It was also very fun to write!

BAFTA – Would you consider bringing Minecraft to PS Vita /3DS for gamers playing on the go?

Notch – Due to (really good) business reasons, we can’t. But it’s available on mobile phones!

BAFTA – Will the giant ever make an appearance in Minecraft maybe a retexture and re-AI?

Notch – Oh yeah, that thing!! Hopefully, but that’s up to Jeb to decide now. It looks fun looming in the distance.

BAFTA – How does it feel to step away from the game you developed & let others code it?

Notch – It was scary at first, but Jeb is exactly what the game needs now, so I’m relaxed about it.

BAFTA – Will there be an APRIL FOOLS coming from Mojang this year?

Notch – Yes, we will be tricking everyone that jens and mollstam get married, and it will be funny.

BAFTA – What indy game are you most looking forward to at the moment?

Notch – Fez, Proteus, the double fine one, Wasteland 2, Spy Party, Monaco.. piles more that I forgot now

BAFTA – Did you play with a lot of Lego as a child?

Notch – Yes, I used to drive my parents insane with the sound of clawing through my lego drawer. So much fun

BAFTA – Which developers does Notch look up to the most?

Notch – Valve, of course. Blizzard. John Carmack, John Romero, Sid Meyer, David Braben, Ken SilvRUNNING OUT OF SPACE

BAFTA – What would be your key piece of advice to youngsters interested in becoming indie game designers?

Notch – Don’t try to replicate what others have done. Don’t listen to advice. Follow your gut. (Don’t take a loan)

Notch will receive his Special Award tomorrow night at 9pm at the British Academy Video Games Award Show.


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