Notch’s fireside chat: piracy, women, and hidden recipes


Things have been pretty quiet this week at Mojang while a majority of their staff attends the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, CA. Mojang has earned itself quite a bit of prestige during the week long event winning several awards mostly involving Minecraft.

Notch also gave a fireside to talk about Minecraft as well as some other things that have been on his mind.

Since the release of Minecraft there has been a call for female characters. With the recent introduction to mating of animals  and villagers pairing off the questions has been raised again, where are the girls? In the past Notch has noted that the characters in the game are gender neutral and have characteristics of both male and female. He did however admit that since the beginning he has viewed the characters as male. “We attribute blocks to masculinity, guys are more square.” Notch says that females have more curves and to add one would require making a more rounded model.

Notch also took the opportunity to talk about online piracy. It is well known through out the community that Notch is not one for heavy handed control of intellectual properties. Having been active against the anti-piracy legislation known as SOPA, Notch is well known for the desire to have a free internet. In regards to Piracy notch said,”I still think piracy is wrong, but the level of wrong me calling my friend an idiot. It’s wrong but it’s such a minor thing.”

Notch has firmly stated repeatedly that the best way to end piracy is to convert pirates into paying customers through respect. Putting the burden of piracy back on the game companies Notch said, “If a lost sale is so bad, should bad reviews be illegal? What about missed release dates?”

While talking about creating an intimate community of players Notch also eluded that people may be missing a crafted recipe or two. No doubt there will be many long hours spent tonight trying to find out what it might be.

2 thoughts on “Notch’s fireside chat: piracy, women, and hidden recipes

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