Allocating more memory to Java

If you’re experiencing lagging in Minecraft, or you want to add HD texture packs, you may need to allocate more memory to Java. I have made a video tutorial that can be found at In the video, I am using Windows 7 Ultimate with Java build 1.6.31.

Let’s begin!

First, click on the windows start button, located on the bottom left of your screen. In the search field, type:


You should see “Java” show up in the control panel section of the search bar. Click on the Java application.

When the Java control panel opens, click on the Java tab, then click view. You should see your platform version and other information. Double click the “Runtime Parameters” column. You should now be able to insert characters.

In this column, you will enter the amount of memory to allocate to Java. The syntax is:


Where # is the amount of memory to allocate in megabytes. It is best practice to keep this amount in multiples of 128 (Java default heap size), but much easier to jump in multiples of 256.

Here are some expamles:




Try starting off at 256m and working your way up until you see a performance increase, or you are able to use your texture pack.

After you have entered the desired amount, click “OK”. In the window that remains open, be sure to click “apply” (the settings did not save when you clicked OK previously).

You have now successfully allocated more memory to Java.

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