Minecraft 1.2: The Guide pt.1

There were plenty of changes and new content in last week’s patches. This guide will help lead you thru some of the new features.


Is the new map generator software in Minecraft. The noticeable change that ANVIL brings to Minecraft is the increase of the upper limits of maps. World height is now a total of 256 blocks, allowing for taller structures and higher mountains.
ANVIL is retroactive so, any older map will be converted upon loading into the new format. Terrain that has already been loaded will be unaffected but, all new terrain will load under the new format. In rare instances this will create sheered cliff faces where a new mountain are being created.

An example of map issues after anvil conversion

Desert wells
Desert wells are sandstone structures that can be found in the desert biome. Their placement is random, and despite their mystique have no added function beyond being something to look at.

A sand stone well

Jungle biome
Jungle biomes were introduced in patch 1.2. Jungles feature thick foliage and very tall trees. Jungles are also covered in vines and often include small secluded lakes. Within the jungle ocelots can be found which can be tamed like wolves can from other biomes.

Jungle Biome

Ladders and Vine changes
Ladders once again have a collision box. This will allow players to stand on the top of a ladder rather than bouncing on it or sliding down it.
Vines are now able to be climbed like ladders as long as the vine is against a solid surface like trees foliage, trunk, or a wall. Vines do not have a collision box and therefore cannot be stood on.

Taming ocelots will cause it to turn into a domestic cat. The domesticated cat can take one of three forms; siamese, tabby or, tuxedo. Ocelots will despawn so a wild ocelot cannot be kept penned for long. To tame an ocelot a player must have a raw fish in hand. Unlike wolfs which can be walked up to an ocelot will flee if a player approach. If the player remains still the ocelot will approach the player and once it is close enough the player can give the fish to the ocelot causing it to become domesticated.

Siamese cat

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