New Version of Minecraft – Pocket Edition!

Last Friday Mojang released its newest version of their popular mobile app Minecraft – Pocket Edition onto the Android Market and Apple’s App Store. This anticipated new version features a new survival mode, complete with tools, mobs, and mine able resources.

This new version is in no way designed to be a clone of the original PC version of the game but, it appears that Mojang  is going to try to take what works on the computer and spread it out to its other platform. In an online interview Daniel Kaplan of Mojang said, “The mission is not to copy the PC version exactly, but we are looking [to see] what stuff works great there, and what makes sense for the touch platform.”

You will definitely see the difference between the two survival modes right away. In Pocket Edition the tools have unlimited durability and, there are still a fair share of blocks that the play has an infinite amount at their disposal such as bricks, and wool. Mojang hopes that by blending creative mode and survival mode together a mobile user will be able to do big things in a limited time frame usually associated with mobile gaming.

Like all things Mojang, Minecraft – Pocket Edition still has that in beta feel to it, but its good to see that Mojang is still putting serious time into giving their players the best experience possible.