Minecraft 1.2 release set for tomorrow

Keeping true to his word Jens announced that the latest patch for Minecraft will be released tomorrow. A preview can be found on Mojang’s Official Webpage.

The amount of content soon to be released is massive. Below are some highlights we can expect to see.

Jungle biomes added.
Creepers run away from cars but, will stalk players.
Ladders will once again have a collision box.
Ocelots added to game.
New Items
Vines are now climbable similar to ladders.
Villagers have recieved sweeping changes for this patch.
Villagers will now detect homes and live in them.
Villagers will now interact with other passive mobs.
Villagers will remain outdoors during the day and go indoors at night.
Villagers can now open doors.
Villagers will now run from zombies.
Villagers will now go indoors when it rains.
Zombies will now attempt to kill villagers, and break down doors.
Skeletons, zombies, and zombie pig men all have a rare chance of dropping better loot.
Iron golem mob added.
Upside down stairs.


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