Weekly wrap up 3 March 2012

Jens announces Minecraft 1.2 patch release

Mojang wins  indie wsgf gamer of the year award

Video maker and  Minecraft sweetheart changes twitter handle from @minecraftchick to @lydiawinters

Notch addicted to plants vs. Zombie

Daniel Kaplan announces via twitter 1million sold of minecraft pocket edition

Notch gives his 3 million from company dividends to employees

Three patches later minecraft 1.2 is ready.

Herobrine still doesn’t exist.


Minecraft 1.2 release set for tomorrow

Keeping true to his word Jens announced that the latest patch for Minecraft will be released tomorrow. A preview can be found on Mojang’s Official Webpage.

The amount of content soon to be released is massive. Below are some highlights we can expect to see.

Jungle biomes added.
Creepers run away from cars but, will stalk players.
Ladders will once again have a collision box.
Ocelots added to game.
New Items
Vines are now climbable similar to ladders.
Villagers have recieved sweeping changes for this patch.
Villagers will now detect homes and live in them.
Villagers will now interact with other passive mobs.
Villagers will remain outdoors during the day and go indoors at night.
Villagers can now open doors.
Villagers will now run from zombies.
Villagers will now go indoors when it rains.
Zombies will now attempt to kill villagers, and break down doors.
Skeletons, zombies, and zombie pig men all have a rare chance of dropping better loot.
Iron golem mob added.
Upside down stairs.


Mojang and Bukkit team up!

Today Notch tweeted that Bukkit will be joining Mojang to create a brand new API. Bukkit is well known in the Minecraft community for its losing, plug-ins, and server tools. This is Mojang’s first step towards officially supporting the modding community.

Bukkit and report that with their new partnership they hope to create more powerful server tools that are easier to use. The partnership will also allow for bukkit servers to be ready for patch 1.2 at launch.

More news is expected to come about this news partnership throughout the week.

Creating fountains in Minecraft

One of the best parts of Minecraft is creating a home. Homes in Minecraft serve many purposes. A house gives players a safe place to go when the creepers come out to play. It can also be a great base of operation to prepare for the next adventure. Houses are more importantly a place to make you own. Whether your house is a shack or a manner there are many things you can do to dress up your little piece of paradise.

Fountains in Minecraft are a simple way of sprucing up the exterior or interior of your home. They require little to complete and are vertical enough to cover a compact or large area.

Big House Fountain

The first task in making a new fountain is to create a basin in which the water will fall into. As a general rule you want to make each side of the basin an odd number of blocks. This allows for the water-spout to be easily centered in the fountains basin. The basin we are making for this tutorial is 5×5.

5x5 Grid

The basin can be lined with any material to match the look and feel desired. The use of slabs is commonly the most preferable choice because they can be used to vary the height of the basin and overall fountain in half block increments.

Step one of basin

Basin Step 2

Basin Step 3

Once the basin is prepared the next step is to add the water spout. Place a pillar of dirt in the basin, this pillar will act as a temporary place for the water to sit on.

Dirt Pillar

Using the bucket, place the water on top of the pillar of dirt. Doing so will allow the water to cascade down into the basin of the fountain.

Water flow with pillar

After the water has been placed the dirt pillar can be removed from under it. The final look of the water flow is dependent on several factors. The height of the dirt pillar, the width of the basin, and depth of the basin can all change how the fountain looks. These same principles can also be applied to other types of fountains such as the wall fountain pictured below.

Larger BasinWall Fountain

How to edit levels larger than 128 with MCEdit

TempleEdit: This post is for minecraft 1.1. MCedi tr1000 is what you need for minecraft 1.2. This 1.1 world generator mod is still useful as it generates epic landscapes that can be brought into minecraft 1.2. Check my newer post on how to bring your old 256-height levels into anvil format for 1.2.


I have recently become obsessed with the dessert biomes of minecraft. One of the things I’ve always wanted to do since I started minecraft, was to make a large sandstone temple. My heart sank every time I wish I could build something taller than 64 blocks high above the ground. Even after I found a height mod, I realized that the 256 height (bedrock to sky-limit) levels were not compatible with the standard editors MCedit and Word Edit. While it is fun to place every single block of large structures, editors help me get the project done faster so I can complete more of them and fix errors that would take days to correct without them. Fortunately, there is a version of MCedit which allows for editing large worlds.

Solving the height problem:

fishtaco567 released a height altering mod. You can download both client and server mod files from this link: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/544429-110100fishtacos-mods-better-caves-fps-height-mod/#height

Make sure you mod the server jar file and don’t try to modify the server exe file. Instructions on setting up jar servers are found on Notch’s minecraft.net site: http://www.minecraft.net/download

MCedit for higher than 128 height-limit levels:


Just click on the testing folder and download the file that goes with your operating system

Another way to get here is from the official forum page: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/13807-mcedit-minecraft-world-editor-compatible-with-mc-beta-18/

you’ll need to scroll down to quick links and click the old versions link.

You only have to design 1/8th of most symmetrical structures. With MCedit, you can clone your design and replicate it mirrored and rotated to make up the rest of your design.


New mob, new tricks, and promises of Patch 1.2

Mojang has divulged new information about the content to be released in the upcoming Minecraft  patch. Through his twitter feed lead designer Jens Bergensten has revealed that in 1.2 stair will be able to be placed upside-down. This new function will provide the means to make more ornate building and some new furniture.

Upside Down Stairs

Along with the stairs new trick there will be a new mob introduced in the next patch as well.  This mob will act as city defense for the villagers, and judging by the picture released by Mojang he looks none to friendly to anyone who wants to hurt the towns folk.

Village Defense

Jens, eluded that the patch 1.2 might be live as early as next week. Along with all the other snap shots that Mojang has released this patch looks to be a good one.

Getting out of your mine.

Today we are going to share a few simple tricks that will help you navigate your way through the many mines and caverns in Minecraft. Whether you have stumbled upon an abandoned shaft or lost in your own mine these tips will help you get out alive with your precious ore.

1. Always bring a bucket of water. It may seem like a waste of space but, if you fall into a lava flow you will be grateful that you have something to put yourself out. The worst thing for any miner is to have a bag full of diamond to die in a fire. A bucket of water can also act as a way of creating a bridge across lava lakes or as an easy way to create obsidian for nether portals.

2. Use torches to create a trail home. Place your totems with consistency, either all on the left hand side or all on the right. By placing them all on one side you will be able to decipher  if you are going deeper into your mine or if you are heading out.

3. Create a series of trademarks. When exploring caves it is easy to get lost in its twist and turns. A good cave explorer has a series of marking to help identify whether a passage has been explored or not.

I use a cross hashing like this to keep mobs out of the main tunnel.

There are many other ways to keep yourself moving through your mine smoothly. When we find some more time we will throw out some more suggestion.