Getting Started

Before you dive into Minecraft it is good to understand the functions and layout of the main menus. Upon launching the game you will be met with the Minecraft launcher. From the launcher you can log into the game using your Minecraft log in or, access the Option menu. This option menu will allow you to see where Minecraft is located on your desktop. Pictures, server list and, texture packs can all be found in this directory.

Once you have logged in you will see the game menu. You will be able to choose from Singleplayer, Multiplayer, Options, and Texture Packs. There is no reason to go into detailed explanations of all the menus, for now we will focus on difficulty options.

From the option menu there are four difficulty levels with scaling difficulty:

Peaceful – Health will regenerate automatically in this mode. Monsters will not spawn in the game. If there are existing monsters they will despawn immediately. The hunger meter does not deplete in this mode, and you will be unable to eat food.

Easy – Monsters will spawn normally but, they do less damage than what they do in regular mode. The hunger bar is active and if fully depleted a player will lose health until they reach five hearts.

Normal – Monsters will spawn regularly and their damage is normal. The hunger bar is active and if fully depleted a player will lose health until they reach half a heart.

Hard – Monsters will spawn regularly but, their damage dealt is much higher than normal mode. The hunger bar is active and if fully deleted a player will lose all health and die.

Difficulty levels can be adjusted while playing, and are only present while playing survival mode. In creative mode a player is invulnerable to any damage. In hardcore mode the difficulty is locked on hard and the player only has one life.

Choose the difficulty and play style that best suites you.

Next time, we will cover the first day. I promise to make it more interesting next time around.


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