An introduction..

What is Minecraft?

The question has been asked millions of times and has recieved just as many different answers. This is due not to the compexity of the game instead its simplicity. Minecraft is a game where there can be hundereds of things to do or, nothing at all.

The world of Minecraft is a sandbox where players can shape the landscape around them. Players can choose to seek out the wealth of the earth by tunneling deep into its core, or explore every corner of the over-world. Limitless opportunities await every player that has the courage to pick up a pick ax and get to work.

On this blog you will find tutorials and walk-throughs aimed at guiding new players as well as inspiring veterans  players to get the most out of their Minecraft experience. No more complicated instructions or shaky YouTube videos.

We are clear, we are conciece. We are Minecraft801.Your World Awaits

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